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Will Lions Appeal Chiefs Tampering Charge?

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The Detroit Lions may not appeal the conclusion of the Kansas City Chiefs tampering charge. The NFL last week found the Lions guilty of tampering with Gunther Cunningham's public comments and "impermissible" contact with a Chiefs player or agent, believed to be S Jarrad Page.

Though it was believed the Lions would move on from the tampering charge, Bob Gretz of reports the word in Indy is that the Lions will indeed appeal.

The deadline to do so is Monday.

The Lions reaction to the tampering charge has been different, to say the least.

At the NFL Combine this week, head coach Jim Schwartz defended the Lions and suggested appealing the decision was possible, if not likely. Two days later GM Martin Mayhew, also at the NFL Combine, implied the Lions wouldn't appeal with these statements

"You win some, you lose some. As of right now, we lost that one. I take the blame for that. That's my fault."  


"We haven't made a final determination on what the next step is, but from our standpoint, there are so many positive things going on with our franchise and it doesn't make a lot of sense to wallow around in something negative."

That sounds like a GM that will be moving on, but Gretz's report says otherwise, so the tampering story may go on. He mentions it may be a bit of a rivalry forming. With Gunther in Detroit, I can see that. This would add to it but, unfortunately, you only play those teams every four years (including 2012. The Chiefs will go to Detroit.)

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli declined comment on Saturday calling it a league issue.