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Chiefs' Clark Hunt, NFL Owners Meet In Indy

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The Saturday before the Super Bowl reports indicated that Kansas City Chiefs' Clark Hunt was one of five owners in a negotiating session between the NFL and NFL Players Association. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the NFL and NFLPA spent seven consecutive days negotiating (along with a federal mediator) in Washington D.C.

According to reports, no owners were at those meetings. 

NFL Network's Albert Breer reports that, with the March 3rd expiration of the current CBA only days away, the NFL Labor committee gathered on Friday at the Colts facility in Indianapolis, site of the 2011 NFL Combine.

According to Breer, the following NFL folks were involved in the meeting: Jerry Richardson (Panthers), Pat Bowlen (Broncos), Art Rooney (Steelers), Robert Kraft (Patriots), Mark Murphy (Packers), John Mara (Giants), Jerry Jones (Cowboys), Dean Spanos (Chargers) and Mike Brown (Bengals).

[Update: ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Bowlen was not "physically present" but the others were.]

In addition to those men, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt was there, as well as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, general counsel Jeff Pash and outside counsel Bob Batterman.

Presumably their meeting is some sort of update on the mediation process last week or a planning session on the league's next move.

C'mon, Clark. Lots of Chiefs fans are counting on you, and the rest of the owners, to come to an agreement so we can continue with no interruption to the best offseason in sports.