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Saturday's 2011 NFL Combine Schedule

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The 2011 NFL Combine rolls on today in Indianapolis, with defensive backs registering today as the final position group to arrive. A few position groups will start workouts today but the real meat of the workouts will happen on Sunday and Monday. 

The NFL Network is covering the NFL Combine live and their breadth of coverage is pretty intense and you can actually watch the Combine live online starting at 9 AM. It's all NFL Combine, all the time over there. 

For a quick refresher, here's what's going on with what position groups today:

  • Offensive linemen, tight ends and kickers: Workouts and drills;
  • Quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs: NFLPA Meeting, psych tests and team interviews;
  • Defensive linemen and linebackers: measurements, exams, media, psych tests and team Interviews; and,
  • Defensive backs: Arrival and registration.

So it's Saturday and you can actually watch the NFL Combine without making your boss made. Who's going to be watching today?