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Todd Haley Hints Play Calling Decision May Be A While

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During Super Bowl week, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley announced offensive line coach Bill Muir had been promoted to offensive coordinator. Last week, Haley announced Jim Zorn had been hired as quarterbacks coach, completing the Chiefs 2011 coaching staff.

Since the Muir promotion, Haley hasn't indicated whether he'll call plays but the overwhelming feeling among those on the outside is that he will. (Caution, though. We've been wrong about Haley plenty of times.)

Bob Gretz of talked with Haley at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and has a story chock-full of quotes from the Chiefs head coach. Definitely read the whole thing at Here's what stood out to me regarding play calling:

"We'll get that figured out, but we'll take our time and make sure we get it right. I remember one time when I was in Dallas (coaching for Bill Parcells) and it was the end of August and we still didn't know who was going to call the plays."

So it could be a while before we have this question answered.

Haley's interview with Gretz is the first time he's talked about the hiring of Zorn outside of the statement the Chiefs released announcing the move. The title to Gretz's story: "Giddy Haley Talks Zorn"

(H/T Arrowheadlines)