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What's Going On At The NFL Combine Today?

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The 2011 NFL Combine in Indianapolis rolls on today.

Here's what is going on today. The gist is that we'll hear from the quarterbacks, receivers and running backs today, in addition to coaches and GMs in Indy.

-Place kicker/special teams workout will come today. This is actually the first workout anyone will do this week. Workouts will continue on Saturday through Tuesday.

-Offensive linemen and tight ends, who arrived on Wednesday, will workout tomorrow. Today they'll have an NFLPA meeting, taking some psych tests (Wonderlic), and conduct interviews with teams in the evening.

-Quarterbacks, receivers and running backs arrived on Thursday and we'll hear from them today, which is probably the most popular group. This includes Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert, the top two quarterbacks in the draft. These guys won't work out until Sunday, though. 

-Arriving today at the Combine is defensive linemen and linebackers. They'll go through some registration stuff and pre-workout medical exams. The medical part of this is arguably the most important -- more important than the physical measurements, 40 times, or any of that.