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Lions Believe League Reached 'Wrong Conclusion' In Chiefs Tampering Case

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In the first week of December news leaked out that the Kansas City Chiefs had filed a charge with the NFL accusing the Detroit Lions of tampering. You can read more about the specifics of that case but the NFL ruled recently that the Lions were guilty and would surrender a seventh round pick as well as swap fifth round picks with the Chiefs.

The league issued a statement on it both teams have declined comment until now. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz spoke to reporters at the 2011 NFL Combine on Thursday and wasn't ready to admit guilt in the case, according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free-Press.

"I believe firmly in our case, and I think we've reached the wrong conclusion in that," Schwartz said today at the NFL combine. "We still have some more options that we can pursue in that case."

The Lions can appeal the case until February 28. Schwartz wouldn't confirm that the Lions would appeal instead saying that it's "one of the options that we'll consider." We should find out by Monday what the Lions will do.

I would guess an appeal is unlikely to work but, then again, Shaun Smith probably thought the same thing.

[Update: Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star also has a story on Schwartz's words if you wanted to read more from a Chiefs perspective.]