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NFL Labor Negotiations End For Now; Will Resume March 1

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The NFL and NFL Player's Association completed their seventh consecutive day of labor negotiations with a federal mediator on Thursday. The two sides agreed to seven straight days last week and went through Friday, February 18th to Thursday, February 24 with daily negotiations.

Federal mediator George Cohen has announced that the two sides have adjourned negotiations for now and will resume on March 1, according to NFL Network's Albert Breer.

"Some progress was made, but very strong differences remain on the all-important core issues that separate the parties. Nonetheless, I have recommended and the parties have agreed to resume the mediation process in my office ... March 1." this good news or bad news?

It's good news that "some progress was made" but I'm not sure what issues the two sides have "strong differences". We can't really dissect the state of the negotiations unless we know what those issues are. 

Key members of both sides will head to Indianapolis for the 2011 NFL Combine and they'll resume talks next Tuesday. The final day of the CBA before it expires is March 3. NFL owners are reportedly meeting near Washington D.C. on March 2 and 3 so, in a perfect world, this is setting the stage for a last-minute deal, or perhaps extending the current one a few weeks to get a deal done.