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NFL Network To Air 2011 Scouting Combine Coverage Today

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The NFL Network begins coverage of the 2011 NFL Combine today, live from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianpolis, IN. Coverage begins at 2:30 PM ET. Players starting arriving and registering in Indianapolis yesterday but since quarterbacks, receivers and running backs arrive today, most people really consider that the kick off of the Combine. 

As Joel noted in his Combine schedule post, the first couple days of the event are comprised of registration, medical exams, psych tests, and team interviews. Today we'll be seeing some of the offensive linemen and tight ends take the podium and speak to the media.

Here are the position groups that have arrived or will arrive over these first two days:

  • Group 1: Place kickers, special teams, offensive linemen and tight ends; and,
  • Group 2: Quarterbacks; receivers and running backs.
So who's actually going to be able to watch the Combine today?