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Chiefs May Have Offensive Line Options If There Is Free Agency

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Heading into the offseason, I think most Kansas City Chiefs fans would point to right tackle as a need. How much ofa need? That's debatable. It's not to say that Barry Richardson and/or Ryan O'Callaghan can't handle the load but I do think there's room for an upgrade if the opportunity arises.

Would Pittsburgh Steelers OT Willie Colon be an upgrade?

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette conducted an online chat this week and wrote that Colon's agent tells him there is "little chance" of him returning to the Steelers next year. If we have a free agency, then that would likely put Colon on the market. 

Colon, 27, was the Steelers fourth round pick in the 2006 NFL draft. He's been a solid player though there have been criticisms of his pass protection and some wondering if he should move to guard. He missed the entire 2010 season with an Achilles' injury. SB Nation's Steelers blog, Behind The Steel Curtain, wrote an extensive profile of Colon and his future in Pittsburgh, which you can read here.

Would the Chiefs be interested? I'm not sure but it's hard to see them throwing significant money at him if he's coming off of a year-long injury.

Of course, this conversation only means something if A.) Colon does leave Pittsburgh and B.) there is a free agency. Both of which we don't know right now.