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Scott Pioli And Todd Haley Will Have Other Business At 2011 NFL Combine

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Photo source: KC Chiefs
Photo source: KC Chiefs

The 2011 NFL Combine is kicking off this week but it won't be all 40-yard dashes and vertical leaps in Indianapolis. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the league has called a Thursday meeting with all general managers, head coaches and one other high-ranking team official.

The topic? What to do if a lockout/work stoppage hits:

At the meeting, the NFL is expected to debrief teams on any number of issues pertaining to labor uncertainty and football operations, including what to expect in the days leading up to the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement, the manner of league business that will be allowed this offseason, and the type of contact that teams will be permitted to have with agents.    

Questions I would have (if they haven't been answered already): What kind of communication can I have with my team? Where can my players work out during a lockout? Can I talk with agents during a lockout? How can I conduct business in the event of a lockout?

That means, for the Kansas City Chiefs, GM Scott Pioli, head coach Todd Haley and one other high-ranking official will be in attendance, along with the league's 31 other teams.