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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/23

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Good morning Chiefs fans. Not a lot of Kansas City Chiefs news this morning, but we've also included a little more on the CBA and upcoming combine. Enjoy.

As we flip the numbers over and look at down side of the Chiefs statistics for the 2010 season two things clearly jump out - the Chiefs need to improve their short-yardage offense and the red-zone defense.

When it comes to those sub-offense and defense, they lagged behind in what their production was overall. They led the NFL in rushing, but were terrible on 3rd-and-1. In the red zone, they finished No. 31 overall, giving up a score 97.3 percent of the time when the opponent got inside the 20-yard line.

Here are the areas where their statistics hit rock bottom in the league.

Numbers that Crunch... Wednesday Cup O' Chiefs from Bob Gretz

As former Miami Dolphin Travis Daniels spoke in South Broward High's auditorium where his path to a NFL football career began, it jogged his memory...

...Daniels, 28, was at his high school alma mater Tuesday morning to see his No. 21 jersey retired. The current Kansas City Chiefs defensive back used the forum to discuss the importance of education, giving your best efforts, not succumbing to peer pressure, staying humble and being respectful to others.

Daniels' Jersey No. 21 Retired at South Broward High from The South Florida Sun Sentinel

Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium won't host Super Bowl XLVI for another 11 months, but the Super Bowl of Scouting begins Thursday in downtown Indy. A total of 330 draft-eligible prospects will run, lift, jump and interview for personnel representatives from all 32 NFL teams February 24th - March 1st.

Of those 330, around 250 are expected to be drafted.

The week's results will directly affect April's draft board, which in turn will affect who returns to Indianapolis on February 5, 2012.

 Once lands in Indy, we'll keep you updated on all of the Combine happenings. Until then, let's take a look at who might become a Chief this April.

Path to Primetime: Lindbackers


Path to Primtime: Defensive Line from The Mothership

Yet, at the same time, the NFL is overlooking such behavior by welcoming players whose eligibility was stripped, like Quinn, Austin and Little, for workouts in Indianapolis. The league did the same previously for top prospects like Dez Bryant and Andre Smith after they washed out of the college ranks.

This must stop.

Players who knowingly stray from the straight and narrow shouldn't be given the same professional courtesy as those who follow the rules (or at least weren't caught doing otherwise - let's not be naive here). The same argument can be made against those prospects who committed off-field transgressions that would result in discipline under the NFL's personal-conduct policy.

NFL Combine Could Help Clean Up College Football from FOX Sports

The next phase of scouting for the 2011 NFL Draft begins in earnest this week as franchises send scouting departments, coaching staffs and medical personnel to Indianapolis to inspect the 325 prospects on hand for the combine.

It will be a full week of medical exams, psychological testing and workouts at Lucas Oil Stadium by players hoping to impress future employers. Before the event starts with players arriving Thursday, here are a half-dozen intriguing storylines to keep an eye on.

NFL Scouting Combine Storylines from Sports Illustrated

The best news out of the talks between the NFL Players Association, the league and a Washington mediator is that there hasn't been a leak of any kind.

Ask any labor negotiator, and he/she will tell you one of the most important things in negotiating a deal between contentious parties is the ability to talk frankly, without fear of words being twisted and taken out of context...

...The longer the two sides are together with the mediator, the better the chances are for a rational solution to a deep and complicated problem. But I'm not changing my opinion yet. I still think it's highly unlikely a deal will be struck by early March, in time to avoid a lockout by the owners.

Monday Morning QB - Tuesday from Sports Illustrated