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NFL, NFLPA Finish Up Fifth Consecutive Day Of CBA Negotiations

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The other day we asked if no news was good news when it came to the labor negotiations between the NFL and NFL Player's Association. I sure hope it is because there hasn't been any hard news coming out this week about the progress of those negotiations.

There were a few minor news notes to come out on Tuesday.

-The NFLPA had previously scheduled a meeting on Thursday night at the 2011 NFL Combine in Indianapolis with select agents, presumably to update them on the status of the negotiations. The union confirmed that that meeting has been canceled. This will apparently give the NFLPA all day on Thursday to negotiate with the league. The two sides had agreed to seven straight days of negotiations and Thursday is the final day. Is this good news? It depends on how you look at it but I say the more talks, the better.

-Another development on Tuesday was the departure of two former Chiefs -- FB Tony Richardson and LB Scott Fujita -- from the negotiating table. Both players had been part of the union's side over the weekend but have left. NFL Network's Albert Breer reported that LB Hunter Hillenmeyer and CB Domonique Foxworth came in with the union on Tuesday.

-Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported that this was a "big day" in the negotiations between the two sides. NFLPA spokesman George Atallah has since said any characterization of the meetings is "pure speculation". 

-Through five days of negotiations, the two sides have logged about 38 hours of negotiations. Even if the two sides don't get a deal done by March 3rd, I'm hoping they're making enough progress to potentially extend the deadline to help come to an agreement.