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2011 NFL Combine Schedule

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The 2011 NFL Combine is getting closer. The first group of players will start arriving on Wednesday and the final group leave on Tuesday so we've got nearly a full week of NFL Combine news coming your way.

Players will arrive in four groups starting on Wednesday with arrivals coming in through Saturday. 

The first group will be place kickers, special teams, offensive linemen and tight ends; the second group will be quarterbacks; receivers and running backs, the third group will be defensive linemen and linebackers; while the final group will be the defensive backs.

The first two days at the NFL Combine for these players will be arriving at Indianapolis, registering, going through some pre-workout medical exams, psych tests and interviews with NFL teams. 

The third day they'll be meeting with the NFLPA which has an added significance this year with a possible lockout coming. There were some reports that the NFLPA had talked about boycotting the Combine (but that's obviously not the case) so this talk could be interesting.

The fourth day will be the workouts -- timing, stations and skill drills -- for the position groups. 

And with that, you have your NFL Combine schedule. Anyone planning on watching this all day on NFL Network?