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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/22

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Good morning Chiefs fans and welcome to a pretty solid day of Kansas City Chiefs news. Lots of looks ahead to the combine and draft, but we begin with an serious story about a former Chiefs running back.

Former Chiefs running back Ed Podolak, a longtime Iowa football commentator, suffered serious injuries after being struck by a car early Sunday morning in Scottsdale, Ariz.

He was in stable condition at a Scottsdale hospital Monday afternoon, according to Podolak’s daughter, Laura.

She made a statement to the Des Moines Register with details and said that police indicated that alcohol was not a factor.

Former Chief Ed Podolak is Stable After Car Accident from KC Star

In these quiet days of the football calendar – waiting to see if the league and players can figure out how to carve up $9 billion a year in revenue – it seems a good time to look back at some numbers from the 2010 NFL season. Specifically, taking a look at the statistics from the Chiefs season and where Todd Haley’s team was among the league leaders and where they were among the least productive teams in the NFL.

It starts with this post on the statistical categories where the Chiefs finished either first or second in the league. On Wednesday, we’ll touch the categories where they finished 31st or 32nd among the league’s 32 teams.

Crunching Some Numbers... Tuesday Cup O' Chiefs from Bob Gretz

As the NFL gets ready to head to Indianapolis and the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine, it's time to throw up our first top 100 players that will be available for the Draft in April.

This first list will not be in numerical order. We'll need to tap our sources at the Combine and do a lot more research throughout the months of March and April before we put our draft board in order from the No. 1 player, to No. 100.

Right now, we'll list them by position, in no particular order:

Our First Top 100 from Bob Gretz

Like many of you, I'm starting to lick my chops in anticipation of the upcoming draft.  But I'm no Mel Kiper.  The way I handle the draft is to become extremely attached to a handful of players based on dubious logic and snap-judgements.  There are usually about ten guys I really want, and ten guys I really don't, and we don't pick any of them.  It's a personal roller-coaster that I have a really good time with, but I'm under no illusions that I'm actually able to accurately judge between one prospect and the next.  I can get the obvious stuff right, thats about it.

Chiefs Draft Picks DOne Right from Arrowhead Addict

Fans and opponents remember McCluster for setting Ole Miss school records. But McCluster wants to achieve something else on campus that he promised his mother and daughter. He wants to get his college degree.

McCluster said, "You know I don't know if I'll be walking, but to have that piece of paper in my hand would be a great accomplishment, and my daughter she will receive a full scholarship if I graduate and join the M Club. I'm doing this for her and my mother."

Former Ole Miss Star Dexter McCluster is Working On College Degree from

The Vikings' decision to tag Greenway and not receiver Sidney Rice means the receiver position has gotten even more loaded in free agency...

...Rice is now at the top of the loaded class.

That should interest Kansas City and Oakland. I could see both teams adding a receiver in free agency. The Chiefs may be more aggressive. They need a No. 2 starter to pair with Dwayne Bowe. I could see Kansas City either spending a lot on a receiver or considering using the No. 21 pick on a receiver.

Vikings' Decision Could Help AFC West from ESPN

AtmosAir counts among its clients schools, office buildings, hospitals, senior living facilities, military bases and National Football League teams, Levine said. "We're helping a lot of teams. Their concern is bacteria and viruses and germs. When you can clean up the air, it provides a much cleaner environment," he said...

...The Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars followed, and air-cleaning units also were installed for Major League Baseball teams such as the Florida Marlins and Chicago Cubs, Levine said.

A Fairfield Co.'s Science Behind Clean Air from Fairfield Patch

Will the Chiefs be able to continue the development of quarterback Matt Cassel?

The Chiefs have a good thing going. They went 10-6 in 2010 and won their first division title in seven years. The team's running game is top notch (it was ranked No. 1 in the NFL) and its 3-4 defense is a strong unit, but the key is Cassel. The Chiefs must do what it takes to ensure Cassel -- who slipped in the final two games of the year after making great strides in 2010 -- doesn't take a step back now that offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has departed.

Leading Questions: AFC West from ESPN

Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium won't host Super Bowl XLVI for another 11 months, but the Super Bowl of Scouting begins Thursday in downtown Indy. A total of 330 draft-eligible prospects will run, lift, jump and interview for personnel representatives from all 32 NFL teams February 24th - March 1st.

Of those 330, around 250 are expected to be drafted.

The week's results will directly affect April's draft board, which in turn will affect who returns to Indianapolis on February 5, 2012.

Once lands in Indy, we'll keep you updated on all of the Combine happenings. Until then, let's take a look at who might become a Chief this April.

Path to Primetime: Offensive LinePath to Primetime: Tight Ends from The Mothership

Path to PrimeTime: Wide Receivers


NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith left at 6 p.m., about seven hours after Monday's session began. NFL executives departed minutes after Smith. None would comment on the negotiations; Smith deflected questions by joking about the wintry weather, including snow forecast for Monday night.

After months of infrequent - and sometimes contentious - bargaining, the league and union have been communicating face-to-face for a total of more than 25 hours since Friday. The sessions are taking place at the office of George Cohen, director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, a U.S. government agency.

NFL and Palyers' Union Meet for Fourth Day in a Row from FOX Sports