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Former Chief Ed Podolak Hit By Car, Suffers 'Non-Life Threatening' Injuries

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Former Kansas City Chiefs RB and Iowa Hawkeyes commentator Ed Podolak is in stable condition after being hit by a car in Scottsdale, Ariz. early Sunday morning. The details of his injuries aren't known but his daughter wrote in an email to the Des Moines Reigster on Monday night that the injuries are serious but "non-life threatening".

His daughter also issued a statement to the Des Moines Register:

"University of Iowa football color commentator and former Kansas City Chiefs running back Ed Podolak suffered serious injuries when he was hit by a car outside his hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz. early Sunday morning. Podolak suffered major injuries, but is in stable condition at a Scottsdale area hospital. Police say alcohol was not a factor."

Podolak, a Chief from 1969-1977, was the Chiefs second all-time leading rusher when he retired in and fourth all-time today with 4,451 yards. He also set an NFL playoff record during "The Longest Game Ever" against the Miami Dolphins on Christmas Day 1971 when he racked up 350 total yards.