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Is No News Good News In NFL, NFLPA Negotiations?

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The NFL and NFL Player's Association have been negotiating since Friday and have agreed to seven consecutive days of negotiating. Monday marks the fourth consecutive day that's been happening.

NFL Network's Albert Breer has been stationed at the meetings and there hasn't been much news (unless you count what they had for lunch).

On the one hand, I've said these guys need to just zip it up and get down to business, and for the last four days...that's what they've done. There haven't been any verbal bombs thrown from either side as they've been negotiating along with a federal mediator. 

If being quiet is progress then, yes, there is progress.

On the other hand, it's not nearly as, let's say, entertaining, when these two sides aren't talking it out in the media. It makes days around here a little more boring but I'm OK with that for the sake of football.

As a fan, I'm really hoping this works because the offseason is half the fun. (Plus, I'd like to have a CBA party on March 3rd and call in sick to work the next day).