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Bill Belichick: 'Cassel's Going To Be Alright'

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No, the headline to this story isn't a quote from something New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said this week about Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel. It's something he said nearly six years ago.

The Patriots official website ran a video feature on the team's time in Hawaii for the 2011 Pro Bowl and included is a segment on Cassel, former Patriots quarterback.

The Pats dusted off the archives and showed a clip from training camp 2005. It's a shot of Scott Pioli and Belichick -- both a member of the Patriots then -- talking off to the side during a camp practice. Here's the exchange:

Pioli: "Cassel looked pretty good today."

Belichick: "Cassel's going to be alright. Cassel's one of the real bright spots out here."

Remember, this was a seventh round pick that hadn't started a game since high school and was in his first training camp.

You think these two know something about quarterbacks?