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Chiefs Head Coach Takes In KU Basketball Game At Allen Fieldhouse

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I went to the Kansas-Colorado college basketball game on Saturday in Lawrence -- Kansas beat up on the Buffs, 89-63 -- and I proved once again you can't go many places near Kansas City without hearing a reference to the Kansas City Chiefs.

1. At the end of the national anthem in Allen Fieldhouse, they say, "...home of the CHIEFS!" I've noticed there's a movement among some Jayhawks fans to end that and I agree. At non-Chiefs events, I don't think fans should say it. Maybe we'll talk about this more in-depth one day but it's just kind of weird to do it at a KU basketball game. From what I understand, this is a polarizing topic in the Jayhawks/Chiefs fan base.

2. Near the end of the first half, a man and a woman came walking past one of the student sections on their way to their seats largely unnoticed. The man spoke with one of the ushers, who pointed him to a seat right behind KU's bench. It was Todd Haley, along with his wife, and they walked over to their seats which appeared to be about two rows behind Bill Self and Co. on the bench. At one point, Haley was introduced over the PA speaker (but the camera couldn't get him on the screen because someone was accidentally blocking the shot). Once again, he wore a skull cap to a basketball game. This is the second time we've seen Haley out at a basketball game wearing one of those. Fashionable or not? I couldn't tell you.

3. Following the announcement that Haley was in the house, there was a small but loud group of fans who started the tomahawk chop. It didn't quite catch on and lasted less than a minute. I don't think there should be any Chiefs cheers at the KU game but it's hard to turn down a chance to do the tomahawk chop.