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Kansas City Lends Groundskeeping Expertise To Super Bowl 2011

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If you've been following the Kansas City Chiefs for a long time, you've more than likely heard the name George Toma. Know as the turf guru in professional sports, Toma has either been in charge of consulted on the condition of the playing field for every Super Bowl. He was also the first groundskeeper for the Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs.

Even though he's retired, him and a handful of the Kansas City Chiefs ground crew are down in Texas working Super Bowl XLV. Toma said, "Kansas City is very well represented on the crew."

The Chiefs field manger Andre Bruce and Chiefs groundskeeper Terry Lee are the two direct connections between the Super Bowl and the Chiefs. Two more KC area residents are also part of the 32-person crew.

The entire crew sounds like it has its hands full, and not just with the Jerry World turf. Via the KC Star:

That crew, which Toma says works 12- to 18-hour days, also will maintain fields at SMU, where the Packers practice, and TCU, where the Steelers practice. Inclement weather has hit Texas, but the teams will have access to indoor facilities.

Work also needs to be done at the NFL Experience, where there are 10 fields of various sizes for fans to play.

George Toma is pretty much a legend in his industry as well as in the NFL. For more on Toma, check out this USA Today feature on the Worst Jobs and this article from a few years back. They both describe a workaholic, industry expert who is in demand virtually everywhere for his skills.