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Midwest Blizzard Shows Why A Kansas City Super Bowl Is Unlikely

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Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star's Red Zone blog posted an article yesterday talking about how the snow in Dallas this week is one reason why there will likely never be a "cold weather" Super Bowl location. He said:

True, the weather this week in Dallas is abnormal, and the game on Sunday will be played in a dome. But the hassles for travelers encountering canceled flights and the miserable conditions just to cross the street, much less play golf or take part in the Super Bowl-related activities will not be unexpected in cold-weather climates.

Covitz is getting torn up in the comments a bit, mainly on the argument that football is a cold weather sport and therefore should be played in any conditions. Another commenter brought up the point that much of the NFL playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl are played in cold weather, so why not one more game?

As much as I'd love to see a Super Bowl hosted in Kansas City, the blizzard this week shows why this is basically impossible. With no dome, the game would be nearly unplayable in the current conditions in KC.

Plus, and this is where I really agree with Covitz on why we'll probably never see a cold weather Super Bowl, there is simply too much other business around the game that could be disrupted by poor weather. Joel told me last night that Dallas is extremely difficult to get around in right now because of the weather. Flights were cancelled. Events were cancelled. All because of the weather. You think that affects a lot of companies' bottom line at the Super Bowl? Definitely.

So while I'd love to see a KC Super Bowl, it just isn't going to happen and I completely understand why. Agree? Disagree?