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Tony Moeaki Is A Good Dude

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The Kansas City Chiefs got a good tight end in the third round last year and it sounds like they got a really good person, too. 

For those of you that have been reading the blog for a while, you may remember back in June reader ArrowheadUndead writing a post about his son being rushed to the Univ. of Iowa hospital with some medical complications. Read the details of the story here but he was contacted by Tony Moeaki after writing on his Facebook wall. As you know, Moeaki's a Hawkeye so those in Iowa haven't forgotten him.

Anyway, Moeaki reached out to them again as the season was winding down and wanted to make sure that his son, Devon, had a jersey -- a signed jersey -- of Moeaki. It's impressive that, six months after the original story, Tony remembered to get Devon a jersey around the holidays.

So, ArrowheadUndead is happy to report that his son now has a signed Tony Moeaki jersey with the pictures to prove it. I've shared the pictures here because I love hearing stories like this: