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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/18

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 Happy Friday! We have a very light day of Kansas City Chiefs news for you this morning. Enjoy.

As for Zorn, his hiring is an unusual move for Haley. Though Haley said he got to know Zorn well over the years on the off-season coaching circuit, the two have never worked together. All of Haley's other important hires except Gailey (meaning Weis, Pendergast and current defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel) are coaches who worked with Haley somewhere along the line before he got to Kansas City.

That should be taken as another positive sign, though Zorn's true value would be realized not by whether he can exist working alongside Haley but if he can help Matt Cassel grow as he did last year.

 Haley May Be Figuring Out This Coaching Staff Thing from The Red Zone

Thus far, seven players have received a franchise tags this off-season. Last year, a total of six franchise tags were handed out and two of those went to kickers. A league record was set the year before when 14 players were assigned the label.

Teams currently have until February 23rd to assign a franchise designation.

To get a better idea of the company that Hali is joining, we're going to take a look at the players who recently received the franchise tag and what the eventual end-road was for each.

After the Tag from The Mothership

 We had a chance to speak at length with Eric Stonestreet, Emmy-winning star of ABC's Modern Family. If you're not a fan of the show, you should be. It's truly one of the more brilliantly written and acted sitcoms of recent memory, and Stonestreet, who plays Cameron, does great work...

...From there (10:00) we turn to sports. Stonestreet is a Kansas State alum, and is a hard core, loyal fan of Wildcats football and basketball, particularly after enduring KSU's days as a perennial CFB doormat, as well as the Kansas City Chiefs.

Podcast: Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet from ESPN