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Which NFL Playoff Teams Don't Make It Back?

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CBS Sports' Clark Judge posted a good story regarding the NFL playoffs next year. He notes that five teams made it to the playoffs in 2011 that weren't there the year before, with the Kansas City Chiefs being one of those teams. That trend of a near-50 percent turnover rate is common with the NFL playoffs from year to year.

So Judge names the five teams that made the playoffs this year that he predicts won't make it back next year: Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs. Outside of the Steelers, I can see the argument for for those four.

The Seahawks got in at 7-9 so predicting them to miss in 2012 is easy. The Bears and Jets have quarterbacks that are inconsistent so it's hard to rely on them. The Steelers, though, are too good defensively (and at quarterback) to miss the playoffs. The Chiefs schedule clearly gets harder, San Diego may not be as brain dead on special teams, and they'll no longer be the surprise team.

So, stealing Judge's post idea, which five teams do you think won't make it back next year? Here's a list of the playoff field.

My five: Chiefs, Jets, Eagles, Seahawks and Bears. I know, I know, I have the Chiefs there, but the reasons listed above for the Chiefs not making it back are valid reasons. Looking at the other teams you can choose from, it's hard not to include the Chiefs in your top five.