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Chiefs, Tamba Hali Negotiations Won't Have Much Drama

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As we all know by now, the Kansas City Chiefs placed the franchise tag on LB Tamba Hali. In simple terms, that means the Chiefs control Hali's rights in 2011. I've argued that the Chiefs are using the franchise tag for its designed purpose in this case as they have every intention to sign Hali to a long-term deal.

That's why I've been saying that, while the franchise tag is there, it doesn't mean whole lot. Both sides want to get a deal done. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli admitted that on 810 WHB last week, again in the Chiefs release announcing the franchise tag, and Hali's agent indicated the same in a Kansas City Star article during the season.

Now, Hali's agent, Brian Mackler, has once again said Hali wants to be a Chief, according to the KC Star's Adam Teicher.

"Tamba would like to retire with the Chiefs," Mackler said. "This is a procedural maneuver by the Chiefs to retain his rights. It has nothing to do with us getting a long-term deal done, which is the goal of both us and the Chiefs."

If you need to get caught up on the Hali situation, Teicher's story lays out all the details nicely, including some thoughts from Herm Edwards, who was part of the Chiefs when Hali was drafted in 2006.

Drama in contract talks is certainly interesting to talk about but it doesn't appear we're going to have any drama with Hali and the Chiefs.