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Another Take On Free Agent DT Shaun Rogers

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In light of the news that the Kansas City Chiefs took a look at free agent defensive lineman Shaun Rogers, I had a few additional thoughts and a couple of unanswered questions.

First, is he a nose tackle? I know that's what many of us have been thinking but last year he was moved to defensive end for part of the season in the Cleveland Browns 3-4 scheme. Why would they do that? NFL Network "Playbook" analyst Brian Baldinger may have given us a hint in a recent blog post at regarding Rogers:

"He's not a nose tackle. His strength is that as a player who at 350 pounds looks like he should be a nose tackle, is extremely light on his feet and is very athletic. He's never really learned the nose tackle position. He's a 4-3 defensive tackle, much like Albert Haynesworth, and that's really where he's more effective. Plus, he's a good pass rusher. His effectiveness is negated at nose tackle."

Interesting. What I take from that is, if he played anywhere in the 3-4, it'd be at defensive end.

That brings me to my next question: Who would Rogers be replacing? Would it be Ron Edwards, the nose tackle, or a defensive end? If it's a defensive end, then maybe it's Shaun Smith, who is unsigned for the 2011 season. Both Edwards and Smith are not under contract for the 2011 season (if there is a 2011 season) so there aren't any hints to be found there.

Rogers is a big name that's on the market and, as fans, we've latched onto this idea that he's a great nose tackle. Judging by the thoughts of someone who knows more about football than I do, he's not an ideal nose tackle.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you as interested in Rogers if he came to Kansas City as a defensive end? And would you be as excited if he effectively replaced Smith? My guess on the popular answers to both are no and no.