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Tamba Hali Reportedly Receives 'Non-Exclusive' Franchise Tag From Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs have confirmed that LB Tamba Hali has been given the franchise tag. We noted in our initial post on the topic that we didn't know whether it was the exclusive or non-exclusive franchise tag.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that it's of the non-exclusive variety. That means Hali will receive the average salary of the top five highest paid players at his position in 2010 (or 120 percent of his 2010 salary, whichever is greater, but the projected $10.1 million LB franchise tag is higher). 

So what's the significance of the non-exclusive franchise tag? It basically means Hali can speak with other teams. If one of those teams offer him a contract, the Chiefs can either A.) match the offer and keep Hali or B.) decline to match the offer and receive two first round picks in return (Or, as reader Tarkus pointed out, C.) they can simply work out a trade for Hali with the tag on him just like Matt Cassel's trade to Kansas City).

Hali is a force to be reckoned with but I'm not sure any player -- outside of quarterback -- is worth two first round picks, so my guess is that the Chiefs wouldn't have to worry about someone making an offer. That's just a guess on my part, though. Only Michael Vick and Peyton Manning -- both quarterbacks -- have received the exclusive tag to this point.

My take on all this is that in the long run, exclusive or non-exclusive, it doesn't matter. Hali has said he wants to be in Kansas City. GM Scott Pioli has said he wants him in Kansas City. I think they'll get something done