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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/16

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Good morning! Not a bad day for Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

I n 2009, Matt Cassel’s first season with the Chiefs, his development was stunted as he worked without the daily input of a designated offensive coordinator or dedicated quarterback coach.

In 2010, while working closely on a daily basis with coordinator Charlie Weis, Cassel guided the Chiefs to the AFC West championship and earned a Pro Bowl spot.

This lesson wasn’t lost on Chiefs coach Todd Haley.

Chiefs Hire Zorn as QB Coach to Help Cassel Keep Progressing from KC Star

Pete Moris, a Loras College graduate, was one of 11 employees laid off by the Kansas City Chiefs. The 17-year staffer was the biggest name to be relieved of his duties by the Chiefs.

Moris recently finished his 10th year as the club's associate director of public relations and was considered one of the best in the NFL at his position. He worked in conjunction with ownership, executives, other departments and the media to promote the Chiefs brand, while overseeing the duties of the club's PR staff.

NFL Cuts Hit Chiefs' Moris from The Dubuque Telegraph Herald

As a coach, Zorn has served as quarterbacks coach and play-caller in college and the NFL, where he was also a head coach for two seasons. Here are four of the quarterbacks Zorn has mentored in the pros:

Zorn's Star Pupils from KC Star

It's interesting to see a political figure taking the side of the players in the current negotiations, and Funkhouser does bring up a valid point that the players will not go on strike. However, it will take a lot more than a letter from the mayor to keep the owners from locking out the players.

K.C. Mayor Writes Hunt to Avoid Lockout from Pro Football Weekly

With an entourage at least seven deep, the Benninghoven third grader is met with much celebrity.

He's handed a heart-shaped doughnut on the house. He'd call it his favorite part of the morning, but his expression when chatting with a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader suggested otherwise.

Boy has Group to Thank for "Souped-Up" Wheelchair from The Shawnee Dispatch

Both sides in the NFL's labor talks are trying to spread the word by putting their positions in writing, and everyone's getting in on the act - from Hall of Fame players Jack Youngblood and Bruce Smith, to Commissioner Roger Goodell, to mayors of league cities.

In a letter obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday, Youngblood and Smith asked NFL owners to promise not to lock out players even if a new collective bargaining agreement isn't reached by the time the current one expires at the end of the day March 3.

The letter was addressed to "Owners of the National Football League" and sent Jan. 31 to Goodell at league headquarters in New York.

Letters Galore About NFL Labor Negotiations from The Associated Press

Best rushing unit

Jamaal Charles and the Kansas City Chiefs: Charles' 6.38 yards a rush ranked second behind Jim Brown's all-time record of 6.4. He and Thomas Jones helped Kansas City to a league-best average of 164.2 rushing yards a game, a weapon that helped the Chiefs win the AFC West at 10-6.

Rewind: The Best and Worst of the '10 NFL Season from USA Today

Two voters, Len Pasquarelli and Bob Gretz, called me an idiot. Gretz called me a "blob" and falsely claimed that I waged a campaign to have him removed as a selector so I could take his place.

There is no reason for me to waste time responding to Pasquarelli and Gretz's childish and illogical attacks. Mike Florio and Michael David Smith of and Jason Lisk of already spanked Pasquarelli and Gretz for their foolishness.

Nope. Sports Illustrated's Peter The King and The Dallas Morning News' Rick Gosselin are the Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell of the HOF selection process. In his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column, King rose from his throne and offered his defense of the fiefdom he and Gosselin oversee.

Hall of Fame Issue is Far from Over from FOX Sports

Tamba Hali emerged as a pass-rushing star in Kansas City's 3-4 system last season, and he should be the Chiefs' top priority this offseason. Hali finished second to DeMarcus Ware in 2010 with 14.5 sacks. He's only 27, so he'll earn a lot of interest if the Chiefs let it get that far.

Patriots Could Look to Takeo Spikes for Veteran Leadership in Linebacking Corps from NESN

A former University of Texas standout whose agent is based out of Houston, Rogers said he would like to play for the Texans.

"Like I said it would be most definitely a fairy tale situation," Rogers said. "But again you just look forward to exploring all opportunities and hopefully whoever reaches out to me and wherever I go it will most definitely be a positive experience."

Shaun Rogers Visiting Chiefs, Says He Wants to Play for Texans from National Football Post