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Todd Haley Confirms Jim Zorn Hire Finalizes Chiefs Coaching Staff

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The Kansas City Chiefs officially announced the addition of former Washington Redskins head coach Jim Zorn as quarterbacks coach. We figured another move was coming -- whether it was an in-house promotion or an outside candidate like Zorn -- when head coach Todd Haley hinted at that possibility over the last few weeks.

Here's what Haley had to say on the hire in the Chiefs release that we received:

"We are excited to finalize our coaching staff today with the addition of Jim Zorn," Haley said. "As a former head coach with more than two decades of experience playing and coaching the quarterback position in the NFL, Jim has a tremendous working knowledge of the game, and he will play a big role in the continued development of our football team."

Obviously the key here is his experience with quarterbacks. I encourage you to check out the story on Zorn posted by Josh Looney of, where he details his experience in the NFL.

Two things jump out at me. First, his last three stops -- Seattle, Washington and Baltimore -- have seen career seasons by the quarterbacks at some point in his tenure. There are varying degrees of "career season" but the point is that he seems to get the most out of players. Second, he and Haley have no connection. Most of the staff hires we've seen there's some sort of connection between Haley and the coaching staff. It's a little surprising that there isn't one here.