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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/15

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Good morning! Another day started with Kansas city Chiefs news. Life could be worse, right?

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser wrote Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt last week regarding the NFL's labor negotiations and the possibility of a lockout. Here is the text of the letter...

...It is clear that the vast popularity and financial success of football means that a lock out cannot be in the interest of anybody involved, particularly the fans, workers or businesses who support the game.

Funkhouser Calls on Hunt to Make Pledge Against Lockout from The Red Zone

Matt Cassel said recently he might organize some workouts in the spring if they become necessary.

''You're going to have to start thinking about it,'' Cassel said. ''Coming off a good season for us, one that we need to be able to build off, to not be able to have the off-season and the time to be in there with your teammates working out and building the team chemistry by being together on a consistent basis, it's going to be a little bit of a different off-season for us.''

Coming to a Field Near You, Maybe from The Red Zone

We continue our Kansas City Chiefs roster evaluation series by taking a look at WR Dwayne Bowe.

Bowe has had a turbulent career to say the least since entering the league. He had a very good rookie season which he followed up with an improved second year despite playing for a horrible team with below average QB's.

Bowe was primed for a breakout third year.

Chiefs Roster Evaluation: Dwayne Bowe from Arrowhead Addict

Assuming the labor dispute will be resolved soon enough for offseason business to be done, no one in the league is likely to be busier than Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli. His team has more than two dozen players whose contracts have expired.

Payton's New Home Shouldn't be an Issue With Saints, Fans from

Kansas City Chiefs: Outside linebacker Tamba Hali emerged as a pass-rush force at just the right time in 2010. He is set to become a free agent and the Chiefs have to tag him. He's too valuable to what they do. Young pass rushers are walking, talking gold.

Tag Central: Who Will Get Them if Game Goes On? from CBS Sports

You'd think the Chiefs would be at a lower number considering they reached the playoffs in 2010 and won the AFC West. But that egg that K.C. laid against the Baltimore Ravens must still be on the minds of oddsmakers.

Kansas City has one of the best running games in the league and a superstar receiver in Dwayne Bowe. Plus, many of those top young draft picks from the past few years started to emerge.

The Chiefs need another receiver to take some focus off Bowe, and we don't know if QB Matt Cassel will regress with offensive coordinator Charlie Weis now calling plays for the Florida Gators. But this team looks ready to take the next step.

Best Longshots to Win Super Bowl XLVI from