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Rod Woodson Joins Oakland Raiders Coaching Staff

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The Oakland Raiders have announced a new addition to their coaching staff: Rod Woodson.

Younger folks may know Woodson as the NFL Network analyst but Woodson started his NFL career back in 1987 with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he played for 10 years. He ended his career with the Raiders in 2003 and in between played for the Ravens, where he won a Super Bowl ring, and the San Francisco 49ers. (Get this: He was a 1st team All-Pro six times starting in 1989 and finally in 2002 -- spanning 13 years.)

So he now becomes the Raiders defensive backs coach. 

Because it's the boring offseason, I have a hypothetical question for you: If you could pick any former Chief to come back and coach right now, who would it be? 

Joe Montana to coach the quarterbacks? James Hasty for the cornerbacks? Larry Johnson Priest Holmes for the running backs?

I can't think of any that stand out to me (besides Steve DeBerg and quarterbacks, of course).

(H/T Christoffer in the FanShots)