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What Did You Do On Your First Football-Less Sunday?

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Sunday, February 13 was the first non-football Sunday since the first week of September. The 2010-11 NFL season ended with the 2011 Super Bowl on February 6 so last Sunday was the first time we've had to go without football.

How did you spend your day?

I took a day off of sorts only posting one item to the site. (I was actually shopping at Target and CostCo with Ms. Primetime. We got new bed sheets. You know, it was a nice little Sunday.) I was kind of lost all day without football on. I woke up early and there weren't any pre-game shows. I suppose I could have caught up on some college basketball because that's about the only thing going on right now (oh, and baseball is starting). 

As expected, though, last Sunday pretty much sucked. Yeah I know that's not the most eloquent way to put it but it's the case. Football-less Sundays simply suck.

It also made me think of the NFL lockout, as everything else does these days. Remembering how depressed a football-less Sunday made me feel, I'm not more motivated to ignore all the public statements from the NFL and NFLPA and focus solely on both sides putting ink to paper and getting a deal done. I don't care about the rest and I get the feeling that's the way most fans are thinking.

Both parties want us to pick a side but last Sunday showed me that we only care about the results -- and that's football on Sundays.