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Chiefs Expected To Bring Back 'Meat And Potatoes' Offense

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I remember when Todd Haley was first hired to the Kansas City Chiefs. He was coming from Arizona, where he had QB Kurt Warner, WR Larry Fitzgerald and WR Anquan Boldin, so the thinking was that Haley's going to come in and go pass-crazy because that's his background.

Well, more research showed that Haley was just working with what he had in Arizona. His real background is a more conservative offense. That's why this tidbit from Dan Pompei of National Football Post isn't a major surprise:

Making Bill Muir the Chiefs' offensive coordinator made sense from this perspective: head coach Todd Haley wants to run a meat and potatoes offense. He believes the Chiefs' offensive personnel is best suited to play smash mouth football. In fact, I've been told that was one of the sources of conflict between Haley and Charlie Weis, the former offensive coordinator. Weis wanted to use a lot of shotgun and spread formations while jazzing up the offense. Haley wanted to play it more conservatively.    

I think we saw a lot of this in year one of Haley's career in Kansas City, which is also the year he called plays. With more talent, and a better understanding of the system, that doesn't necessarily mean the Chiefs offense will resemble that 2009 group. 

If this is the way Haley wants to go, that's fine with me. In 2009, he didn't know he had the best running back in football on his team. This time around, we know that he does, so a conservative approach makes sense.

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