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Shaun Rogers Attracts Attention Of Nearly One Third Of League

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The Cleveland Browns last week released defensive lineman Shaun Rogers and, as we predicted, he's getting quite a bit of interest. This stems from the fact that 340-plus pound defensive linemen don't grow on trees and that Rogers is one of a few names available at this time of year.

We would normally see free agency on March 4 and Rogers would be one name in a large pile of available names. Without that free agency period, Rogers' name sticks out and, according to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, has attracted the attention of nearly a third of the league.

Upwards of a third of the league has contacted the defensive lineman, and Rogers will assess the situation over the weekend and then decide if he wants to take more visits, or begin negotiations with one or more teams.    

It makes sense that the Kansas City Chiefs would at least reach out and investigate Rogers. With so much interest, though, it's hard to see the Chiefs outbidding everyone for Rogers', if they are one of the interested teams.

With so much attention on Rogers, does that change what you think the Chiefs should do?