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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/13

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 So... Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news (or what's passing for it). Read slow to make it last.

Oh my goodness!! It's over!! Talks broke down between the owners and players!! Reports say the two sides are miles apart. Are you reading these statements? There will never be a deal!! No football in 2011!!

Let's all just slow down and take a deep breath. Actually, make that multiple deep breaths. It is going to be a long, emotional, zany, frustrating couple of weeks.

Lucky for you, I have great editors at, who suggested that I write a fans' guide to the labor situation heading up until March 4. We will attack it with a "Joe Six Pack" approach. We will tell you what to look for and when to look for it; when to ignore the madness and when to go absolutely bonkers.

Grab a cold one. Take a seat. I'll walk you through the next four weeks.

Don't Panic Over NFL Labor Talks... Yet from Fox Sports

The Orlando Predators have been assigned WR BOBBY SIPPIO by the Arena Football League office, the team announced Friday. Sippio returns to the Predators following his stellar performance in 2010, when he joined the team midway through the season and had an immediate impact. Sippio finished the season with 51 receptions for 757 yards and 16 touchdowns, averaging 13.1 yards per catch and 76.3 yards per game.

Orlando Predators Standout Wide Receiver Bobby Sippio Returns for 2011 Season from Boxscore News

Atlanta All-Pro tight end Tony Gonzalez set the trend of talented basketball players making it big in the NFL.

Gonzalez established himself with the Kansas City Chiefs, and now with the Falcons, as the best tight end to hit the league in the past 20 years.

After Gonzalez, we have witnessed Antonio Gates with the Chargers establish himself as the league's elite tight end after playing college basketball at Kent State.

Putting on the Blitz from the Daily Comet