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Poll: Will The Chiefs Feature Jamaal Charles Front-And-Center?

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Doug Farrar over at Football Outsiders has put together a list of key questions this off-season for each team. When it came to the Chiefs, Farrar interestingly focused on Jamaal Charles vs. Thomas Jones -- a drum often beat by FO this season -- and asked the question of whether the Chiefs will learn the same lesson the Titans learned from Chris Johnson's explosiveness.

Specifically, Farrar brings up the head coaching preferences of both longtime Titans coach Jeff Fisher and Todd Haley for the power running game. Within that context, he wonders if the Chiefs will place Charles front-and-center next season:

The team has expressed at least two concerns when asked about more carries for Charles -- his ability to be an every-down back, and head coach Todd Haley's preference for a power-running game that goes back to his days working under Bill Parcells. Jones is more of an inside bruiser, while Charles blasts outside of the Chiefs' zone slide blocking plays. However, when former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher was presented with Johnson's production, he put away his power-running preferences dating back to Eddie George and rode a faster horse. Haley and the Chiefs may be wise to do the same.

It's a decent argument. Then again, Haley's 2010 rotation carried the Chiefs to the playoffs, saved Charles for a whole season and garnered two of the Top 20 rushers in the NFL for the Chiefs. What do you believe will happen? Will Charles be featured as the primary back a la Chris Johnson next season? Will Haley continue the same type of rotation?