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2011 NFL Draft: Top Five At Each Position

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NFL Network's Mike Mayock recently updated his ranking of the top five players at each position for the upcoming 2011 NFL draft. I'm nowhere near a draft expert but Mayock has emerged in the last couple of years as arguably the best of the drat analysts so I really enjoy checking out his observations and rankings.

*Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert could be the top QB taken. That's incredible to think about. Gabbert, whose sophomore season was better than his junior season, could reasonably be a top five, or even top three pick. I love his size and arm strength but, as with all the spread QBs, there's an element of unknown in how he'll translate to the pro game.

*Mayock has DT Marcell Dareus ranked ahead of DT Nick Fairley. Some have been projecting Fairely as the Carolina Panthers top pick but Mayock's ranking would suggest otherwise. 

*LSU's Patrick Peterson is the top CB. No surprise there and he could possibly be a top five pick as well. I put cornerback at the same level as pass rusher or left tackle in terms of importance to the team. Chiefs fans know about the importance of the position as well with CB Brandon Flowers.

*Outside of LB Von Miller, I don't know much about the linebackers, inside or outside. Check out Mayock's list and let me know what you think. Linebacker could be an area of need for the Chiefs.

As a reminder, Mocking The Draft is the place for your 24/7 draft needs. Dan works really hard to make that one of the best draft communities.