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At Least One Optimistic View Of NFL, NFLPA Labor Negotiations

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It seems that most folks around the league expect a lockout or some sort of work stoppage beginning on March 4, which is the date the current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires. Because the overall feeling is pessimism right now, we'll highlight those that still have some optimism a deal can be done on time.

Andrew Brandt of National Football Post is one of those people whose looking on the bright side of things.

I may be alone here, but I am  still optimistic a deal can be done here: three weeks is an eternity in the negotiating process. I still choose not to believe the gloom and doom, despite how much pessimism there bay be.

There's not much tangible evidence he gives for optimism noting that the negotiating session between the two sides on Saturday included a good opportunity to bring some of the heavy hitters together.

Included in the sessions along with the normal negotiating team were one of the most optimistic owners in New England Patriots' Robert Kraft, as well as the most "hawkish" owner in Carolina Panthers' Jerry Richardson. For the players, two big names were at the table -- Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees -- as well as their normal negotiation team. 

Keep an eye on what Brandt has to say in the coming weeks. He's been on both sides of this and understands as well as anyone in the media.