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Roundup Of Kansas City Chiefs Brass Making The Media Rounds

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The Kansas City Chiefs brass made the media rounds this week now that the 2010-11 NFL season is over. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley made TV and radio appearances while GM Scott Pioli appeared on local radio.

We may not be hearing a whole lot from those two until the NFL Combine later this month so here's a roundup of those appearances if you need to get your Chiefs fix.

Todd Haley on Jim Rome (Tuesday): Haley talked about calling players -- he hasn't decided yet -- as well as the upcoming lockout, where he says it's business as usual until they have more information on what's next.

Todd Haley on 610 Sports (Thursday): Haley talked with Bob Fescoe and Bob Josh Klingler and was asked about, what else, the play caller next year. Haley of course hasn't decided yet. He also noted that there could be more changes coming to the coaching staff. A quarterbacks coach perhaps?

Todd Haley on ESPN's First Take (Thursday): This was a lighter interview as Haley touched on his life in golf, whether QB Matt Cassel can beat him in a round and he also answered a few trivia questions about the Chiefs.

GM Scott Pioli on 810 WHB (Wednesday): Pioli talked with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty and one of the big topics was the future of LB Tamba Hali and WR Dwayne Bowe. Pioli suggested that they want both of them on the team in the future. The most pressing situation is Hali, whose contract is up. He also talked a little bit about the importance of defense in his football philosophy.