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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley On ESPN's First Take

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When Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley first started working here we didn't hear a whole lot about his previous life as a golfer. He didn't talk about it, people didn't really ask him about it but lately Haley's opened up on the topic, including on ESPN's First Take on Thursday. 10 wins and a coach of the year award will make you a little more open I suppose.

On whether he's a "terrific" golfer: "I have five kids. My golf days are long gone and there was clearly a reason I got out of that business. Terfrific is probably too big of a word for me. But with five kids, there's very little time with coaching. Golf takes too much time these days."

On if anyone in the NFL can beat him in golf: "I worked with a pretty good player in Kenny Whisenhunt out there in Arizona and he works on his game more than I do. He's got some kids that are moving off to college. I know Dick LeBeau is a very good player. There's some good players out there so I don't know. I played in that Tahoe Celebrity deal and I had one good day that I bragged about and two bad ones.

On whether anyone on his team can beat him: "I don't know. I know Matt Cassel can't. We went out and played a couple of holes last spring. He can hit it far but not always sure where it's going. "

I can't even hit the ball far. I have a slice that's pretty dangerous to anyone in the vicinity. He was also asked a few trivia questions about his own players. Here are the three questions, and I put the answers after the jump (and No. 3 has multiple answers):

1. This player reached the finals of the little league World Series:

2. This player's nick name is 5th dimension and his college started a $10,000 campaign for his Heisman candidacy:

3. This player writes rap music in his spare time:
1. Matt Cassel (Haley got this one right)

2. Eric Berry (Haley guessed Dexter McCluster)

3. Tamba Hali (Haley guessed Dexter McCluster)