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The Obligatory 'Should The Chiefs Sign Shaun Rogers?' Post

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With the current labor situation eliminating free agency (for the moment), a major source of our conversations have also been eliminated. For fans, much of the offseason is spent looking at the players being released and thinking, "Should my team sign this player?"

Until March 4, the end of the labor deal, some players will be released and they will become free agents (if they have four years of service in the league) and eligible to sign with any team. One of those players is nose tackle/defensive end Shaun Rogers, who was released by the Cleveland Browns this week.

So this is your obligatory "Should the Chiefs sign Shaun Rogers?" post.

The pros of looking at him is that he plays a position, nose tackle, that isn't easy to find. He's big -- latest listing has him at 6'4" and 350 pounds -- and has had success at the position before. He was a Pro Bowler under Romeo Crennel in 2008 so, like Shaun Smith, there's an argument that Crennel knows how to get the most out of him.

The cons? He's 31 years old, which is a little high if you're thinking of committing money to a player, especially one whose knees have been carrying 300-plus pounds for the last decade. He's had a bit of legal trouble in his career but we're not sure how or if that would matter to the Chiefs. He also played some defensive end last year, which makes you wonder where his skill set as a nose tackle stands.

Another con is that, if there is an extended lockout, he won't have much time to work with the current coaching staff to prepare for the season.

My take: I would probably fall into the "not sure" category here. Sure, I see the reasons for doing it but, then again, is he that much different than Ron Edwards? (Note: Edwards is scheduled to be a free agent in 2011 if a labor deal ever gets done.) If the Chiefs plan to address the future of the position in the draft, would Rogers help them?

So....should the Chiefs do it?