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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley On Quarterbacks Coach, Playcalling

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The Kansas City Chiefs are getting their post-Super Bowl media time in. On Tuesday, head coach Todd Haley appeared on ESPN's Jim Rome Is Burning. On Wednesday, GM Scott Pioli talked with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty on 810 WHB's Border Patrol.

And now on Thursday, Haley has re-appeared talking with Bob Fescoe and Bob Josh Klingler (The full audio of the interview is at most important topic in the NFL right now is the labor situation and, as he said on Rome, Haley indicated the Chiefs will be business as usual until they know more about what's next.
In Kansas City, burning questions include the possible addition of a quarterbacks coach as well as who will call plays in Kansas City.

On the quarterbacks coach, Haley said there could be some more moves coming. "There could be some more movement or moves so to speak," Haley said. "The most important thing to me Bob, and I know everyone is antsy to feel like you're making progress, but we're making progress right now. As things play out, I think it'll become very clear how things are going to go. Right now we're just in that process of making sure we get it right. "

I can't say that I know what that means. The early predictions are that, if a quarterbacks coach is coming, assistant coach Nick Sirianni will be promoted from within. Obviously, that's just a guess at this point.

And on the question of who will call the plays, Haley tells Fescoe, "Right now, I'm sorry to say, I'm about where I was a couple weeks ago. Until everything is finalized completely here, specifically offensively, I'm not going to make that decision. Just like on the coordinator subject, the good thing is that as everything falls into place here there are going to be multiple guys here who have done that job in the NFL and done it on a high level. The important thing for us as the Kansas City Chiefs is just getting right. The play calling aspect of it is really the last piece, in my opinion.