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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/10

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Happy Thursday! We have an interesting day of Kansas City Chiefs news for you today. A Hali update, an article on Muir as OC, and a look ahead at the former Chiefs players and coaches that could be up for the Hall of Fame next year. Enjoy.

Twenty-nine of the 32 NFL teams have a designated offensive coordinator or a clearly defined situation where the head coach serves as one. Of those 29, only three have coordinators with coaching roots mostly in the offensive line.

Besides Muir, the others are in Houston and Green Bay. In both of those situations, the head coach calls the plays.

"If a head coach is going to call the plays, having a line coach who’s obviously very strong in the running game makes for a very nice combination," said Shea, who also was the Bears offensive coordinator in 2004.

Chiefs Put Play-Calling on the Line (Coach) from KC Star

Steelers outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley and Kansas City's Tamba Hali are both seeking the deal DeMarcus Ware received from the Cowboys. The 30-percent rule and some other factors have made that difficult, but neither will be going anywhere. Both will be tagged, if nothing else. The Chiefs held some exploratory talks with Hali at the Senior Bowl, and perhaps could get something done before March 4.

Application of Franchise Tag Could Prove to be Merely Symbolic from

The Packers have Aaron Rodgers. The Steelers have Ben Roethlisberger. Philip Rivers in San Diego, Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, Tom Brady in New England, and what other team in the NFL isn't at least hoping its quarterback will get better? Mike Vick in Philadelphia, probably, but even then they're hoping this wasn't just a 12-game funride.

What the Chiefs have in Matt Cassel is a guy who looks like he can be fine, at least when things around him are smooth. For now, I'm with Larry, I say you move on with what you have and try to get better in other places and hope that Cassel does the same.

Don't Kill the Mailbag: Chiefs, Royals, KU Basketball, and Lots of National Anthem from Don't Kill the Mellinger

We continue our evaluation of the Kansas City Chiefs roster today by taking a look at OLB Mike "Mr. Intangibles" Vrabel.

I know some of you (Big Matt) have really been looking forward to this one.

Vrabel came to the Chiefs as a throw in to the Matt Cassel trade. Chiefs GM Scott Piolo made his first big personnel decision by trading a 2nd round draft pick for New England Patriots backup QB Matt Cassel and OLB Mike Vrabel. Obviously Cassel was the centerpiece of the deal with Vrabel being a bonus, like a used care salesman throwing in free air conditioning. It seemed like a good deal. The Chiefs were going into the 2009 season with a potential franchise QB and an experienced OLB with Super Bowl pedigree.

Chiefs Roster Evaluation: Mike Vrabel from Arrowhead Addict

Kansas City: A new starting wide receiver to pair with Dwayne Bowe. Larry Fitzgerald? Stranger things have happened. Fitzgerald has a history with Chiefs coach Todd Haley and is set to become an unrestricted free agent in 2012. Arizona, which won't be allowed to make Fitzgerald a franchise player because of a contract clause, would be wise to internally discuss a trade if he isn't part of its long-term plans. Regardless, Kansas City should address the position anyway with Chris Chambers likely on his way out after being demoted at the end of the regular season.

NFL Offseason: What Does Your Team Need to Contend from Fox Sports

A big name and big man was added to what should be an impressive free-agent class Wednesday when Cleveland parted ways with massive defensive tackle Shaun Rogers.

He is 32 and has dealt with injuries and there have been character issues. However, the 350-pound Rogers is a unique talent and he can still dominate. He has been best suited for a 4-3 defense, but he did play in a 3-4 with the Browns.

He could probably help both Denver and Kansas City, with Denver perhaps being a better fit.

Could Shaun Rogers Land in AFC West? from ESPN

Is Parcells a Hall of Famer? I know Miami Dolphins fans aren't too thrilled with him these days, but he did add to an already remarkable legacy -- two championships, different teams to the Super Bowl, a few organizational turnarounds -- by guiding the Dolphins from 1-15 to the AFC East title as their football operations boss.

Also on the ballot next year will be Bledsoe, running backs Corey Dillon and Tiki Barber, fullback Mike Alstott, guard Will Shields and coaches Bill Cowher and Marty Schottenheimer.

Parcells, Bledsoe and the Hall of Fame from ESPN