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No Votes For Jamaal Charles In The AP Offensive Player Of The Year Voting

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The Kansas City Chiefs had two candidates in the running for the Associated Press' Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year awards and unfortunately neither one received any votes. We told you earlier today about Tamba Hali receiving no votes for the defensive award and now we find out that Jamaal Charles did not receive a vote for the Offensive Player of the Year award. That award instead goes to New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

Brady received 21 of the 50 possible votes by the Associated Press. Michael Vick came in second with 11 votes and here's how the rest panned out:

  • RB Arian Foster (7);
  • QB Philip Rivers (5);
  • WR Roddy White (2); 
  • QB Aaron Rodgers (2); and,
  • WR Desean Jackson (2).

Like I said earlier today, this wasn't a surprise to me. I don't think anyone of us actually thought that Jamaal Charles would win the award. But still, it's nice to see recognition, even if it is only one vote. If you're getting worked up about Jamaal Charles not winning this, you're taking it too seriously.  Touchdowns really take this award. Charles' three TDs can't match up with Brady's and Vick's 30 touchdowns. Brady was the clear winner and Vick was a very strong No. 2 candidate. 

Running backs do have a strong history of winning the award though. In the last decade, LaDainian Tomlinson, Shaun Alexander, Jamaal Lewis, Priest Holmes and Marshall Faulk have all won the award. Does Charles have a chance next year to win it? Not likely. He was pretty much maxed out this year and didn't receive a vote. I can't imagine he could produce much more.