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Willie Roaf: Is He An NFL Hall Of Famer?

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Even though the news of his finalist spot actually came out back on January 9th, lots of people seem to be talking today about Willie Roaf and the NFL Hall of Fame. Roaf is one of 15 modern-era finalists whose 2011 NFL Hall of Fame fate will be decided this Saturday before the Super Bowl.

I'm putting together a more formal Willie Roaf Hall of Fame post for Saturday but I came across an ESPN article today by Pat Yasinskas discussing Roaf's chances of making the Hall.

Before making the case for Willie Roaf, Pat mentions that a lack of a Super Bowl is often a reason voters don't vote for a particular player. And Pat calls hooey:

So what? The thing that really matters is that Roaf was among the best ever at what he did. Off the top of your head, who's the best offensive tackle ever? I'm guessing a lot of people will say Anthony Munoz, who was inducted into the shrine in Canton, Ohio in 1998. Some younger people might argue for Baltimore's Jonathan Ogden, who won't be eligible for election until 2013.

Yasinskas then goes to make the case for Willie Roaf. Check out the rest of the read for more Pro-Roaf talk. 

We'll have more on Willie as a Chief on Saturday, when the Hall of Fame voting takes place. And yes, I think he's a Hall of Famer.