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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/1

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Good morning Chiefs fans. A strange day for Kansas City Chiefs news. Next to nothing on current players, but with Super Bowl week upon us, we are treated to some trips down memory lane. Oh, and how do Bedouin kids get Chiefs gear? Enjoy.

"That first lunch was a bit strange, if I recall," says Jacobson, now 71 and still living in San Francisco. "We were still feeling each other out, I think. I wasn't sure what these other guys were all about. Were we going to split the bill evenly? I don't drink. These were the things that were going through my head that afternoon."

"Lamar Hunt, the late owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, just happened to be sitting with his wife at the table next to us that day," Crisman remembers. "Here we were, having been to every Super Bowl and reminiscing about each one, and there's the owner of one of the two participants in the first Super Bowl at the very next table. We introduced ourselves, he sat with us for a while, and we took plenty of pictures. What an afternoon."

Going to the Super Bowl... for the 45th Straight Time from Fox Sports Arizona

With my finger prints all over this robbery and with another Pro Bowl in the books, let's take a look at one player from each AFC West team who could soon become a Pro Bowl selection...

...Kansas City, Glenn Dorsey, defensive tackle: There are a lot of young stars-in-the-making in Kansas City and you could go any way. But Dorsey had the kind of season in 2010 that was immediately expected of him when the Chiefs took him with the No. 5 pick in 2010. He has adjusted to the 3-4 defense and he is very disruptive.

Next AFC West Pro Bowl Picks from ESPN

Harlan, on the recommendation of Gary Bender, a University of Kansas alum and later Packers radio announcer and network television broadcaster, visited KU and sat next to Tom Hedrick as he called a Kansas-Colorado basketball game.

Hedrick, a former Chiefs announcer and network broadcaster who called Super Bowls I, II and IV as well as Jayhawks games for 16 years before becoming a longtime journalism professor at Kansas, told Harlan he would find as much work for him as possible on the student station, as a sideline reporter for KU games, and other jobs around Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City.

"Everything he promised came true," Harlan said. "I did that for four years, it led to an internship with WIBW in Topeka, led to KCMO in Kansas City doing the Chiefs (pregame and postgame shows), and I don’t know if I got paid one cent for any of it."

The sweat equity paid off.

Behind the Voice: KC's Kevin Harlan is at Home in the Booth from KC Star

I have to tell you I will miss Tony DiPardo. I knew him for most of the years he was the Chiefs band leader. Probably his favorite occasions were the times that Dante Hall would do a Chiefs run back and race to the band pavilion to give Tony the football. And he would treasure those footballs like life itself.

Jan. 31, 2011 -- Tony DiPardo from KMBC

Katy resident and football great Tom Bettis earned a Super Bowl IV ring and an AFL Championship ring when he coached for the Kansas City Chiefs.

He also sports a World Championship ring from the Green Bay Packers and another one when he played for the Chicago Bears.

But beyond the rewards, are hundreds of stories about his days from 1955-63 as a linebacker for the Packers, Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers.

And then there were the 30 years as a pro football coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Cardinals and the Houston Oilers.

Katy Resident Pulls Out Super Bowl Ring from The Katy Times

Charlie Getty, a top notch offensive lineman at Penn State, anticipated a call. The Pompton Lakes graduate also was an accomplished wrestler and had a practice to attend, so he enlisted a young lady living across the hall to take any messages.

Getty arrived back to find there had been a call from a Hank Strum.

"That wouldn't be [Kansas City Chiefs coach] Hank Stram, would it?" Getty said.

A long career with the Chiefs followed, and Getty married the girl who took the phone message.

Where Are They Now? Former NFL Lineman Charlie Getty of Pompton Lakes from

Gary's Fred "The Hammer" Williamson is still way too cool at age 72.

But if you know pro football, you already knew that...

...Williamson starred for Gary's Hank Stram and the Kansas City Chiefs in their 35-10 Super Bowl I loss to Green Bay. After graduating from Northwestern, The Hammer played eight NFL seasons and was a three-time Pro Bowl pick.

Upon retiring from football, the Froebel grad went Hollywood, literally, acting in more than 60 motion pictures while directing or producing another 30.

Al Hamnik: 'Hammering' Home Some Great Memories from

21. Kansas City, LB Aldon Smith, Missouri: The Chiefs could look for a nose tackle, receiver or right tackle as well. But Smith would be a terrific pair with Tamba Hali assuming Kansas City re-signs him (or uses the franchise tag on him) as a pass-rushing linebacker in the 3-4. The Chiefs might have to hope Smith doesn't go in the top 15, though. He could be a riser prior to the draft.

AFC West Mock Draft (take 2) from ESPN

Cabrera lunched Sunday with six friends at Cabo Wabo Cantina (nachos, fajitas, Coronas, sodas), then hung at club Vanity Sunday night with local magician Sawyer Dasch and DJ Ryan Wellman. Also in Vanity on Sunday: Kansas City Chiefs lineman Branden Albert.

Another Tale from the Jackson File from Las Vegas Review-Journal

I'm not generally afraid of traveling to so-called "unsafe" places.

Sure, I put on full hijab regalia for my Saudia flight from Riyadh to Medina three months after 9/11, but that was mostly because I wanted to escape notice...

And sure, I noted the limited escape potential as I walked through the narrow, towering walls of the entrance to Petra in 2003. But there was the cheery Brown University flag waving over excavations, and the sweet Bedouin children who followed us around in ratty Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirts, trying to sell us rocks and chanting the only English they knew. It wasn't scary.

Keeping Travel Plans After a Terrorist Attack from The Huffington Post

2. Super Bowl I: It may not be the best, but it was the first Super Bowl ever played setting the tone for decades of indelible memories, historic dynasties, and epic defeats. The Packers were favored, and rightfully so, but it was those pesky Kansas City Chiefs (formerly the Dallas Texans) led by Hank Stram-an innovative pioneer in his own right who helped in the creation of Gatorade and the 1970 AFL-NFL merger-gave the Pack something to think about early...but that was it. Vince Lombardi used the small passing game to overcome the stout defensive prowess of the Chiefs for the Packers very first Super Bowl victory.

Top Ten Super Bowls of All Time from Fantasy Knuckleheads