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Jets' Rex Ryan Knows Some Chiefs History

Rex Ryan knows a little bit of Kansas City Chiefs history. Asked about the Jets defensive philosophy against the Chiefs, who have done some quarterback shuffling, the New York Jets head coach said:

Well, certainly understand Kansas City is one of the better running teams in the league. So that starts as your number one priority. But you have to defend the pass no matter who is back there. Quite honestly, we don't care if Len Dawson's back there, you can have Otis Taylor, Buck Buchanan, everybody else. We know this is the Kansas City Chiefs. We know we have to win. If he's throwing left-handed, right-handed doesn't make a difference to us.

I don't know about don't think Lenny in his heyday brings this line closer than 10.5 points?

Here's Ryan's entire press conference. Asked about Tyler Palko, he said: "I just think he's a left-handed quarterback, so that looks a little different."

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