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What To Make Of The Latest Report On Todd Haley

So 610 Sports' Danny Parkins reported yesterday that someone from the organization -- an unnamed source -- offered up to him last night that Todd Haley canceled the Kansas City Chiefs team meeting on Saturday before the game against the Chicago Bears to go out with friends.

Random, right? Parkins talked about this on his show and asked Haley about it on Wednesday.

"Really?" Haley said in response to the report. "We did not have a team meeting in Chicago but there's been a number of occasions where I haven't had team meetings. And they were right, too. I went out with my wife and two daughters who came in for the game to have pizza but well after any internal meetings would have been or were over with."

This is the second story we've seen (that I can think of, at least) that involves Haley supposedly going out socially instead of working with the team.

This brings me back to a report from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk before the season that Haley went to a Lil Wayne concert instead of working during training camp, a story in which Florio nailed the Chiefs coach, basically wondering if he's working hard enough. That story caused quite a stir in Kansas City and this latest story from Parkins creates a similar perception, I think.

The real story, I think, is that someone from the organization -- Parkins says his source is within the organization -- is making Haley feel very uncomfortable.

So the questions are: Where is this coming from? Is this just a rogue employee who doesn't like Haley? Am I right when I say this is the perception of Haley someone is trying to create? Is that perception real?

Or, the question you can fairly ask after every time I hit "publish", am I just going crazy?

Color me confused on this one.

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