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Updated Odds On Your AFC West Champion

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Playoffs?! You're talking about playoffs?!?

Indeed, Jim Mora might as well be talking to us when we examine the Kansas City Chiefs playoff scenarios. has the latest odds on the winner of the AFC West and, according to them, the Chiefs are the least likely AFC West team to win the division.

Denver Broncos 2/3

Oakland Raiders 9/5

San Diego Chargers 11/2

Kansas City Chiefs 35/1

Well...unfortunately, they're right. The Broncos and Raiders (each 7-5) hold a two-game lead over the Chargers and Chiefs (each 5-7) so they're obviously at the top. And I know Philip Rivers is struggling this year but a good predictor of success is a team's quarterback and....Rivers > Tyler Palko.

It's just going to make it all that much sweeter when the Chiefs run the table en route to a division title, right?