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Chiefs Say Age Discrimination Accusations Are 'Baseless And Ridiculous'

The Kansas City Chiefs have been accused of getting younger but not in a good way.

Brenda Sniezek, a former community relations director for the Chiefs, has accused the organization of age discrimination, a charge the Chiefs have called "completely false."

Sniezek, who was employed by the Chiefs from March 1982 until she was let go on January 26, 2011, claims the Chiefs have engaged in a "pattern and practice of age discrimination."

Sniezek, 51, cites several examples in her complaint of what she claims is evidence of age discrimination. The complaint includes references from Clark Hunt and GM Scott Pioli about "changing the culture" of the organization, Pioli allegedly overheard saying "We are going to get rid of everyone who was with Carl Peterson, especially anyone over the age of 40", team president Mark Donovan allegedly referring to another employee as "that old guy" and multiple employees over the age of 40 being replaced by younger employees.

You can read the complaint here.

The Chiefs, for their part, strongly deny the accusations.

"The allegations in the lawsuit are both baseless and ridiculous," team president Mark Donovan told us in a statement. "The plaintiff's claims are completely false and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves."

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