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No Kyle Orton Injury Update (Yet) For Jets Week

I wouldn't expect an update on Kyle Orton's injury this week. At least not from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and no useful information.

Haley has been cautious about not saying too much related to what Orton's role would have been last weekend and I imagine he's not going to say much about Orton's status moving forward. Might as well keep the Jets guessing.

The Chiefs head coach was asked on the Chiefs Kingdom Show on 810 WHB last night about Orton's status and the answer he gave was similar to the one he gave in his Monday afternoon press conference.

"Very unfortunate because, obviously in this league as we've seen and that was a great example of it, you gotta have a couple guys prepared to play," Haley said. "Houston has experienced it. I talked about it all last week and then, sure enough, Kyle's first play in there that occurs. It's just unfortunate.

"He's pretty sore today and we'll have to see how he goes as the week goes on. Again, you gotta have a couple guys ready to go in this league because in one snap it's proven you can be playing with the next guy."

We'll see what his status is at practice this week (starting Wednesday) and then the Chiefs will declare his status for the game on Friday afternoon. I'm guessing we're headed toward a questionable label.

What's the over/under on the number of times Haley says Orton "might have to play and he might not"?

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